Medicare Initial Enrollment

When applying for Medicare it can be a bit confusing, intimidating, and down-right frustrating. But that’s how Medicare Quotes in Michigan is “Making Medicare Easy”! We help many Michigan Seniors sign up for Medicare every day and we can help you, too!

The Social Security office handles all Medicare application for your Part A and Part B. There are several options you can chose from to apply such as online, in the mail, or in person at the Social Security Office. We will go over those in greater detail later. If you are turning age 65 and aging into Medicare, you can apply as early as three (3) months prior to your 65th birthday which keeps you ahead of the game allowing plenty of time to get your new Medicare Card before your birthday.

This Medicare time period is call the Initial Enrollment Period (IEP) to enroll into Part A and Part B. Medicare is a separate application than Social Security income benefits application. Any person turning age 65 may apply for Medicare even if they are not ready to take their income benefits yet. By enrolling in your IEP you avoid any late penalties and there are no pre-existing waiting periods, as well.