When you are approaching age 65 you are bombarded with mail pieces from many different insurance companies and agencies claiming they have the best Medicare Supplement plan for you. They want you to call them and sign up right over the phone. And in most cases they aren’t even in the same state as you. We aren’t some headset phone jockey making sales calls all day hoping you are the one.

Medicare Quotes in Michigan doesn’t load your mailbox up with junk hoping you will be the one to call us. We don’t play the numbers game when it comes to your Medicare Supplement. We know, that overall, understanding Medicare coverage can be very confusing. At Medicare Quotes in Michigan we contact you directly to set up a face-to-face appointment. We will meet you anywhere, anytime, and discuss the right Medicare Supplement plan for you. And because we are located right here in Michigan we know the best plans for you and your family.

And that’s not where the service stops with Medicare Quotes in Michigan. We submit your application to the company selected and follow the underwriting process the complete way. Once you receive your policy in the mail we are always available for you to call us with any questions you may have about your Medicare Supplement coverage.

Don’t waste your time with confusing, bulk mail pieces from out of state sales people. Don’t be just a number. Contact Medicare Quotes in Michigan to get a FREE, no obligation, quote for your Medicare Supplement plan and experience the difference a local company can be when it comes to servicing Medicare Supplement needs. Don’t forget to ask about Medicare Part D Drug plans, as well as, affordable Dental Insurance.